“You may feel trapped right now by life’s conditions.                                                                      By drawing this card, the angels ask you to realize that you are the only jail keeper that ever surfaces in your own life.

Whenever you realize that you have the power to be free, freedom follows.  Everything that you do in your life is by choice, and you are free to choose again.                                    Even prisoners are free to choose their thoughts so that they feel peace and happiness under any conditions.

The next time you begin a sentence with the words, “I have to _____,” please stop.                Ask God and the angels to show you some alternatives.

They will either help you complete the task from a loving mind-set so that you don’t feel trapped, or they will guide you to do something else that you will love”



“The angels know that you’re busy, with many Earthly demands on your time.  They want to help you with your responsibilities through the process of balance.  Whenever our schedules become disproportionate, our energy drops.  Lowered energy creates the illusion that there isn’t enough time in the day, so a vicious cycle of time limitation ensues.

Your angels ask you to add regular doses of meditation, exercise, and play to your days.  They know that balancing your life between work, play spirituality, exercise, and relationships helps you to grow and feel joy.  If you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, don’t hesitate to ask God and your angels to lift your burden.”



“Your hoped-for aspirations are on their way to you.  They may arrive in a different fashion than you expected, but the rewards that you truly desire – such ad feelings of peace, security, and happiness – are manifested exactly as you requested.  Ask your angels to help you have faith in your ability to manifest.  With this faith, you and God can do anything!

This is the process by which all thoughts transform into tangible form:  First, they begin as an idea, born of Divine sources.  Then the idea meets with a feeling.   If the feeling is loving and nurturing, the idea and the feeling create the embryo of manifestation.  You nourish you newborn idea by believing in it and by following the step-by-step guidance that God and the angels give to you through your feelings,dreams, and visions.”



You are receiving important messages during your dreams.

Sometimes you may wake up with the feeling that you have traveled or received instruction during your sleep.You wonder,Why I can’t remember my dreams?

The messages and experiences of your dreams are never truly lost or forgotten.

They are,instead,incorporated into your unconscious so that your higher self’s wisdom and love govern actions.

You can more easily remember your dreams by writing whatever yo recall immediately upon awakening. Just write any little bit you can remember,and the rest of the dream will unravel in your memory.

Review your dream journal often,and look for patterns and themes. These recurrent dream issues signify messages that your higher self and the angels are trying to tell you.

Surrender & Release

“When you hold tightly to a part of your life that’s not working,it has no room to heal. Whether you are unhappy with your love life,finances,career,home or health,this card asks you to let go.

If you hang on to these aspects of your life because of fears such as “What if I can’t find someone or something better?” then the situation will only worsen.

However,if you are willing to open your hands and allow the situation to be freed,one of the two situations will occur: Either it will washed away from you and replaced by a better situation,or the situation will heal in a miraculous way.

By drawing this card,the angels, ask you to try not to control the outcome of your troubling situation.

Let go, and let God help you!”

Daily message

Esta é uma carta de comunicação com os teus anjos e vem confirmar que a mensagem que estas a receber é real e que podes confiar.
Esta carta vem validar aquele sussurro que nem sempre conseguimos distinguir, mas que vem de forma repetitiva.

Estes sinais podem se manifestar desde visões, sonhos, sentimentos intuitivos, voz interior ou conhecimento. É preciso confiar no que o teu subconsciente diz.

Se tiveres uma inclinação para fazer algo, por exemplo ligar a alguém, ir a algum lugar ou ler algo, é importante seguir esse feeling. Quando esta carta aparece os teus anjos pedem que lhes entregues todas as tuas dúvidas ou preocupações sobre a orientação Divina.

Acredita que estás realmente a te comunicar com os céus e aproveite a conversa.

Mensagem pessoal: Todos os dias são dias de acreditar que tem sempre “alguém” a olhar por nós. Nem sempre os podemos tocar ou ver, mas é possível sentir.

Que tenhamos todos um dia abençoado e cheio de luz.

Ecos da alma
Speak your truth